My first and only true experience with an online RPG, PSO to this day holds an unbreakable hold on me - a combination of fantastic design, flawless unique sounds and soundtrack, fantastic characters and environement as well as straight pure old nostalgia. Whilst now amongst its modern forebears it sits redundant and outdated, bettered by slight modifications to the formula by companies with more money and marketing strength, it remains an important link in the evolutionary chain. Recent attempts to resurrect and update it have failed, but I still believe there is something in there that, if can be seen, could hold sway over a successful revisioning - or even simply re-application.

In 2006 I completed a series of images, one for each class available in the game, using a variety of media. In 2009 I will be creating another set, further delving into the iconography and inherent design so prominent, and that which could be carried on with the right vision.


pso racast

approx. 5 hours, Photoshop
I originally wanted to do something different - something I might keep for Series 3 - but I'm pleased with the result as the environment is unusually prominent in the picture for me.

approx. 5 hours, Photoshop
I wanted to do something that characterised this class - or more an observation of the personalities of its players I would come across! Also - Dreamcast rules.

approx. 5 hours, Photoshop
I noticed that the two previous pictures were very colourful and bright - whilst this is characteristically SEGA, I thought a change would be welcome ...

approx. 3 hours, Photoshop
Whilst with the previous pictures I had tried to keep the compositions dynamic, I wanted to actually illustrate a classic confontration - sword vs dragon!

2006 - SERIES v.1

PSO HUmar Fanart HUmar
approx. 1 hour, Pencil
Probably my favourite design in PSO (and also the character I played as the most), I actually completed this drawing last in the series. The sabers of PSO are untouchably cool!
PSO HUnewearl Fanart HUnewearl
approx. 50 mins, Painter
I never played as this character, but I always admired the strong, unique design. Their animalistic nature offered a strong contrast to the clean lines of the other classes.
PSO HUcast Fanart HUcast
approx. 50 mins, Painter
At first, probably my least favourite class - but over time it has grown on me quite extensively. All of these designs are based on the actual characters you meet in the story - this is Kireek.
PSO HUcaseal Fanart HUcaseal
approx. 50 mins, Painter
The only one of the series I did two images of, ultimately this one I preferred more. The alternative was one in the rain - something I will be revisiting in the 2009 version ...
PSO RAmar Fanart RAmar
approx. 2 hours, Pencil
Personally one of my favourite pictures of the series, again there is something about pencil work that highlights a different nature to how you perceive a character.
PSO RAmarl Fanart RAmarl
approx. 2 hours, Pencil
Again, I never played as this character but I felt that out of all 12 options, this has the most potential for a human twist. Probably the one class based most on modern-day warfare.
PSO RAcast Fanart RAcast
approx. 2 hours, Painter
Whilst I never played this class, I still have fond memries and attachments to it as my mate would play as it in our week-long co-op sessions. Mechguns are a personal favourite ...
PSO RAcast Fanart RAcaseal
approx. 2 hours, Painter
I only ever really played as two classes in PSO - HUmar and this one. I think narratively, this class hols the most potential and interest for me personally.
PSO FOmar Fanart FOmar
approx. 45 mins, Painter
Magic never appeals to me normally anyway - but the inclusion of a male FO class to the roster in the Gamecube version was a welcome one. Great design, didnt come across well in-game
PSO FOmarl Fanart FOmarl
approx. 50 mins, Pencil
Never appealed to me personally, regardless the FO class provided an interesting counter-point to the sword and robot based shenanigans of the other classes.
PSO FOnewearl Fanart FOnewearl
approx. 3 hours, Painter
Definately one of the more colourful and interesting of the classes, there was never any real equivalent in it's sequel PSU. An essential part of the PSO experience.
approx. 30 mins, Painter
Without doubt my least favourite class - although I admire it for it's uniqueness. I think with this picture I started to develop my trademark orange burn backgrounds ...